The teaching farm is based on the need for agriculture in our society, it offers a practical, pleasant and culturally relevant response to the need to rediscover our roots.

–  Carlo Hausmann

The teaching farm is born within our farm to bring people, and especially children, closer to the wonderful world of nature and in particular of bees.

Our farm has more than 30 hectares of land (mostly olive grove and wooded), more than 100 hives and a small vegetable garden where you can walk to recognize and collect the various crops of the season and to learn to feed yourself in proper way.

Beekeeping educational project

The educational project is composed of various modules, the following are the main ones:

  • classroom introduction about the life of the bees and their important ecological role
  • face to face with our hives to see live the bees, their behavior and their organization, until explaining the meticulous work of the beekeeper and his equipment
  • use of didactic hive to discover live what happens inside the hives
  • visit to the honey laboratory with explanation of the various stages in the processing of honey and other bee products
  • laboratory activities (depending on the period wax handling, honey potting, themed games)
  • tasting of farm products

In addition to organizing days of sightseeing in the farm, we also address schools who want to make this wonderful world known to children and travel agencies and tour operators who want to propose our routes to their customers or include them in their tours organized.

The visit is very customizable according to the various needs in terms of interests, times and costs and can be adapted for both an adult audience and children of any age. The modules listed above can be carried out all or only some and can be included in the proposal a lunch and/or snack as tasting of local and farm products.