The passion for bees is certainly part of my genetic heritage, my family has always been involved in beekeeping

–  Greta, Azienda Agricola Due Comuni

The activity of farm Due Comuni covers the whole honey production process, from the breeding of bees (Apis mellifica ligustica) to jar filling, conservation and sale of the product.

Currently we produce the following types of honey:

  • Acacia
  • Millefiori (Multi-flower)
  • Sulla
  • Tiglio (Linden)
  • Castagno (Chestnut)

For each type of honey, different sizes are available, from the 250 gram jar to the 1 kilo jar. For information and orders please contact us at

In addition to honey, we also produce or resell other beekeeping products, both food products such as pollen or propolis and cosmetics. All products can be purchased both at our farm or by contacting us to arrange a shipment.