Selection of events in the surroundings in June 2019.


Giugno Pisano – Pisa

Historical re-enactments, events, concerts, parties in the square and cultural initiatives to celebrate the ancient traditions of the city of Pisa.

16 June
Luminara di San Ranieri, Pisa
The culminating moment of all the events, to celebrate the patron Saint Ranieri the city of Pisa lights up with thousands of wax candles that draw the outlines of palaces and bridges, the result is surprising and very impressive

17 June
Palio di San Ranieri, Pisa
The San Ranieri Regatta is a rowing competition between the four historic districts of the city (San Francesco, San Martino, Santa Maria, Sant’Antonio). Before the race on the riverfront, a historical procession takes place.

29 June
Gioco del Ponte, Pisa
On the Ponte di Mezzo the teams of two factions of the city challenge each other in a test of strength for the conquest of the bridge. The challenge is preceded by a historical procession.

23 June
Flower Festival of the Corpus Domini, Fucecchio
The evening and night of the Saturday before the Corpus Domini the streets where the procession will pass, are covered with carpets made with flower petals depicting sacred images, liturgical and geometric symbols that cover the streets of the route of the Blessed Sacrament. The paintings will remain on display throughout the day on Sunday.
Streets of the historical centre Fucecchio (FI)



2 June
Poco più che persone – Il marito
of Michele Santeramo with Sergio Rubini
Ponsacco, Piazza del Comune

6 June
Poco più che persone – La moglie
of Michele Santeramo with Valeria Solarino
Pontedera, Anfiteatro Teatro Era

9 June
Poco più che persone – Il figlio
of Michele Santeramo with Edoardo Leo
Pontedera, Anfiteatro Teatro Era

16 June
Poco più che persone – Angelo
with Luca Zingaretti
Legoli, Peccioli – Anfiteatro Triangolo Verde


4 June
I Concerti della Normale: Francesca Dego
Teatro Verdi, Via Palestro 40, Pisa

9 June
I Concerti della Normale: Coro Vincenzo Galilei
Chiesa di Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri, Piazza Santo Stefano, Pisa


until al 27 July
I sabati del Castello (Saturdays of the Castle), Santa Maria a Monte
Santa Maria a Monte (Pisa)
Every Saturday afternoon from May to July you can participate in free guided tours to discover the ancient castle of Santa Maria a Monte, including museums, basements, towers and views.
Via Carducci, 29 – Santa Maria a Monte (Pisa)

until 30 June
For the first time in Italy a digital art show dedicated to great artists of the sixteenth century. Works by Bosch, Brueghel and Arcimboldo appear in all their strength, effervescence and majesty.
Arsenali Repubblicani, via Bonanno Pisano 2 Pisa

until 1 September
Presents 70 photographs and special content from the Universal Pictures archives that take audiences backstage through Hitchcock’s major films.
Museo della Grafica, Lungarno Galilei 9, Pisa

until 21 July
From the incredible adventure that brought man to the Moon, whose 50th anniversary this year falls, to the fantastic images of the boundaries of the Universe. It is the heart of the exhibition “Explore. On the Moon and Beyond”, the unpublished exhibition that arrives at Palazzo Blu from March 2019, curated by National Geographic and with the special collaboration of the Italian Space Agency.
Palazzo Blu,Lungarno Gambacorti 9, Pisa

Events June 2019